Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I watch these shows and think, NO WONDER YOU'RE FAT YOU EAT THAT SHIT. Then cry the next time I ring up $300 worth of mostly organic, whole grain, unprocessed food.

My poor kids though, all they want is Kraft, Kool-Aid, Chef Boyardee, Gold Fish, Fruit Roll Ups and sugary cereal.

The things I would love to get free product coupons for are:

Scrubbing Bubbles
Mr Clean
Irish Spring
Herbal Essenses
Sephora (hah)

The list can go on. If I can build up a stash of these types of things I'll be a very happy person. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Good Readz

Going to school I have a lot of free time where I can't get into studying, 10 minutes while waiting on a teacher, 15 minutes while waiting for lunch, 5 minutes between lectures etc. I have an Amazon Kindle 2 that my dad purchased for me for Christmas 2 years ago. I love it so much in fact I've been thinking of picking up the Kindle 3 to use as a backup. I load it up in various ways, and then read until my eyes fall out. :-D Easy Peasy!

Some of the good books I've read this year include the entire Sookie Stackhouse series.

Yes this is the series that spawned HBO's True Blood. Which I love but doesn't stick to the books story line very closely. Like, pretty much at all. Which is good because I'd be awfully sad if LaFayette wasn't in the show.

I read Robin Hobbs new Dragon series.... I can gush over this, seriously so just pick up and do us both a favor. This really thrilled me, and I miss the characters, they because really real. I hope the 3rd book comes out soon. I love the way she writes.

I read the new Hollow's book by Kim Harrison, Pale Demon. As always it wasn't long enough and I was left wishing I were a pixie.

Another series I have been keeping up on was Janet Evonavich's

The Fonz!

Motor mouth extraordinaire! I am pretty sure we tell him to be quiet more often than we talk to him and we talk to him ALL DAY LONG. Everything that pops into his mind, comes out his mouth. For serious man!!

He's always willing to help out, he sweeps and mops the kitchen floors, helps put away the dishes, helps with the laundry, some times I can even talk him into cleaning his room. He weeds the garden, plans the seed, helps me with Cayley, tells me when it's time to clean the bathroom (thanks child). He always has a smile on his face. What an amazing and happy child!!


My little princess and wild child. She's SUCH a joy, we can not imagine our lives without and her personality. 


She's currently in size 18m clothes, and 7 shoes. What a start to the summer. We are working on her speech and I have to say, we use her words more often than she uses ours. She says Ahgoom, and hmms to say thank you, and says pweez which sounds like beef some times. She's a very special little girl.