Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today is just another lazy Saturday

My handsome hubby is off doing his WORK THANG in Show Low. Today is the start of Show Low Days, which is just another festival... He gets to shake hands and try to sell his product. I hope he gets a little bit of a sales bonus off of this, that would be fun.

This job has really been a blessing for us. We're actually on our way to moving out of this crappy trailer and maybe some day having our own place. Exciting. As much as I love my crappy trailer we've out grown it. With another baby on the way we're feeling the squeeze. Some days it feels like no matter how much I clean I can't get anything CLEAN. That's a pit fall of renting I guess. If it was our home we could just replace the floors that no longer shine, paint over the chipped and greasy paint and replace the nasty cupboards.

My plans for today were to just clean a bit and make sure the house looks good for my darling when he makes his way back. Sew up a couple of pairs of pants for my Kiwi and have Stryder do a little bit of reading and math to keep his skills sharp.

In all actuality I cleaned my room and am probably going to go and take a nap momentarily. This pregnancy is kicking me in the pants, I'm so sleepy all the time!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bedrest no more!

I had my last doctors appointment on Thursday and everything checked out great! Baby girl is growing fast, she's going to be a big girl!! She's super wiggly and seems pretty content to stay cooking. Maybe we'll get to 40 weeks ;-) We've decided to name her Emeline Claire Reidhead. I love it, it's so feminine and classic :-)

Stryder and Kiwi also saw the doctor on Thursday. Stryder had pneumonia for 2 weeks along with severe allergies and asthma. All of which have cleared up. Obviously his asthma isn't cured but the new medication he's on is controlling it better than anything else he's tried. He hasn't had to use a breathing treatment or rescue inhaler in over a week! Kiwi had a stomach flu and lost 4 lbs in 5 days. Poor little stinker! She also got her bill of health and confirmation that it's NOT Hand, Foot and Mouth which is going around like crazy!

Summer is here, Thursday was Stryders last day, we're trying to get into a bit of a schedule, which is not so hard for Kiwi and I to adjust to since we haven't had to change anything. Stryder however is used to eating breakfast at 6-6:30, having a snack at 9, eating lunch at 10:30, another snack at 2, another at 4, then supper. This isn't how things work in the summer so we're working on breaking him of it. We'll have breakfast around 7-8, lunch at 11, snack after nap around 3 and then dinner at 5. He's been begging for food which is a BIG no, no in our house so we're going to have to break him of that habit pretty quickly. He gets pretty nasty about it which is leading to discipline issues. In all honesty he's a good kid but he consistently forgets the house rule, his kindergarten I guess was a bit more lax in what is acceptable behavior. We'll probably have him sorted out in the next month or so.

It's also Stryders birthday on the 13th. I ordered him and Kiwi a swing set from Toys R Us, supposedly it will be here in 3-8 days. I'm really excited to see it! We're going to celebrate his birthday with just the immediate family on the 13th, he says he wants chinese food. Then on the 22nd or 23rd we'll go and see Brave at the movie theater with the grandparents. I'll get the cake then, he wants an icecream cake from Dairy Queen.

Kiwi and Jason are up the same old same old. I feel bad about making this blog post entirely about Stryder but he's my problem child at the moment.

The mei tai still works, even with 30 lbs of toddler.

Here's a new photo of Kiwi and her mile long legs!