Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today is just another lazy Saturday

My handsome hubby is off doing his WORK THANG in Show Low. Today is the start of Show Low Days, which is just another festival... He gets to shake hands and try to sell his product. I hope he gets a little bit of a sales bonus off of this, that would be fun.

This job has really been a blessing for us. We're actually on our way to moving out of this crappy trailer and maybe some day having our own place. Exciting. As much as I love my crappy trailer we've out grown it. With another baby on the way we're feeling the squeeze. Some days it feels like no matter how much I clean I can't get anything CLEAN. That's a pit fall of renting I guess. If it was our home we could just replace the floors that no longer shine, paint over the chipped and greasy paint and replace the nasty cupboards.

My plans for today were to just clean a bit and make sure the house looks good for my darling when he makes his way back. Sew up a couple of pairs of pants for my Kiwi and have Stryder do a little bit of reading and math to keep his skills sharp.

In all actuality I cleaned my room and am probably going to go and take a nap momentarily. This pregnancy is kicking me in the pants, I'm so sleepy all the time!

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