Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing day 2013

Merry christmas to everyone. I'm pretty sure it's been long enough that I don't have anymore followers but in case I do. Hello :-)

2012 has been an exciting year for our family. Things really never managed to slow down as much as I would love for them too.

January started out with Stryder and I still attending school, I only have a few more classes left until I get my degree which is exciting. Stryder finished kindergarten at the top of his class. J and I also found out we were expecting a new bundle.

April, J started his new job as a telephone installation and repair tech. Woah talk about hours! This job has completely changed our lives. It truely was a blessing on our family. One we desperately needed.

Over the summer I experienced serveral illnesses and was placed on bedrest in order for my pregnancy to continue in a healthy fashion.

In June Stryder turned 6! We went to a movie, and he received some great gifts from the many that love him.

In September Kiwi turned 3. We also went to a movie to celebrate, it was an exciting day but we took it easy since I was 9 months pregnant. Later in the month, after 3 days of labor, we welcomed Emeline Claire into our family. She's perfect in every way.

Stryder continued to excell in every way at his school and was moved into second grade. What an amazing little person. Kiwi is following in his foot steps and we can more often than not find them together reading atlases and encyclopedias for hours.

In November J and I lost our minds and purchased both a home and a new truck on the same day. Remember those hours I talked about? They came with a significant pay raise as well. And while we're now entirely broke we own our home outright and hope to have the truck paid in full in a year.

Now Christmas has come and gone and the kids were once again blessed by our familys and community. We're looking forward to the new year and are excited by all that we face in 2013.