Monday, March 8, 2010

Lazy Weekender Welcomes Monday, new at 9am...

While I did take a few reservations on Saturday, and mop the floor...this weekend pretty much me, sitting my ass. Jason has a 4 day weekend every other week. So our weekend technically started on Thursday night. What did we do. Nothing ;-). Friday, more nothing... umm Saturday... betcha can guess. Yesterday however after I slept until 1pm, (yes I didn't have to work or go to church or anything like that) We headed to Show Low, sans kiddos.

I have to say spending time with the hubby, even if it's at Walmart tends to be the highlight of my week in all ways. The best thing about the trip was that we only spent $12.50 in cash and ended up with an entire back seat of grocery's. Baby gorilla just turned 6 months an actually decided that she LIKES baby food so we've been trying to get into the habit of feeding her 3 meals a day. That heaven for WIC, we get almost 100 jars of baby food every month now, along with the dry cereal you add breast milk or yogurt to. (not I didn't say formula, yeah my babies don't get formula unless I'm out of order for some reason)

Now since I didn't cook anything, and I'm rereading Assassins Quest (I love you Robin Hobb) on my kindle, no news there. I did try my hand at making my own mama cloth, I have to say I was successful, in that my pattern worked well. However my fabric choices leave a little to be desired. Who knew that Wool jersey stretched while being sewn by the serger which mean that it then gets all wrinkly on the edges. LOL.

I also started a new pair of Longies for baby cakes in some nice purewool I traded for. They are just LOVELY. I am using my nickle plated Knit Picks for this. I never thought I'd love something as much as my Harmony needles, needless to say I was WRONG. They are pointy and smooth and I do miss the bendy hand feel of the Harmonys but they are pretty awesome.

Aside from that I'm babysitting today for a few hours. Their dad had to take their momma to the airport. A quick turn around trip to Phoenix is never quick. I don't envy them.

Ohh I almost forgot, Jason bought Cayley a traning cup yesterday and she LOVES it. We put a splash of water in it for her to play with. Talk about happy baby, she's so excited when she sees it she shakes. Totally cute!

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