Thursday, March 4, 2010

Does this make me a little ADD...

I'm one of those people who are defined by their hobbies. I have lots of them, I stand by them, invest in them and am really good at them. That being said however, I DO have my priorities straight.

I love my husband. This man, WOW is he the center of my universe or WHAT? *sigh* Not a second goes by that I don't think, oh wow, I have to show this to Jason. He's also my favorite hobby. *wink wink* Since we have kids and lives outside of the bedroom we do not get to participate as often as we would like. Hell we've been married for over a year now and still act like newly weds. Making out in his parents pantry and tossing our kids at my parents so we can snuggle and uhh 'practice'.
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My kids. Right now, I want to SELL my 3 year old. He's one of those kids that's too damn smart for his own good. Seriously, if he didn't still have a soft pallet and my laziness he would probably be finished with Kindergarten already. Go figure. He reads, plays with play-doh, eats salads and pushes all his daddy's buttons.

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Now my 6 month old. She's sooo sweet! I've never met a more relaxed laid back baby. She's cool, confident and has her daddy's red hair. Another thing just like her daddy is that famous Reidhead temper!! I get cursed out, ALL the TIME!!

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Work, not a hobby. I babysit out of my home. Take reservations by phone. Supplement my income by selling anything I'm no longer using. I also am a big fan of Barter. I love to trade. Another thing is sweepstakes and blog giveaways. Love them.

As for hobbys. They are a little obvious to anyone who walks into my living room. Luckily for me, very few people do so they aren't shocked by my disaster. I read, which recently has become easier and more portable due to a Kindle and ebooks. I knit, this is a love hate relationship, I have a hard time finishing projects unless they are perfect but I don't want to put too much effort into something to just have to rip out a bunch of stitches. Ravelry is one of my favorite sites. I sew, clothes for myself, my kids, objects for my home and things for my friends. I love fat quarters of designer fabrics, Sew Mama Sew!, diaper sewing Divas, DiaperSwappers and Pattern Review. Along with sewing is a love for cloth diapering my children. It's an addiction as well. Babywearing, thebabywearer. I love wraps, I hate Mei Tai's, I have a love hate relationship with pouches and slings. Lastly, I love to cook. Some days my KitchenAid is my best friend. It listens to me bitch and works it's butt off ;-)

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