Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Excitement..yeah not really

Last night my MIL, mom, Cayley and I went and had a girls night at church. It was Relief Societys birthday and we had a FABULOUS dinner followed by hollywood squares. It was really fun. I hope to be able to go to more relief society events in the future.

With that said, while I am LDS, and my faith is solid I do not stick to the prohibitions. Because of the I believe I will never see the inside of the temple. Number one, while I do not drink often, I do believe in a medicinal shot of whiskey and LOVE a thick dark beer. MMM. I drink tea like I live in the desert. My favorite being  Verde Au Laite from Teavana. I tend to add a packet of Truvia and a bit more Lait to to it. I LOVE tea mmm.

Nothing much is going on craft or book wise. I finally got a new phone after going through 6 in 2 years. I really hope this one holds up a little better :-) What did I get? A droid.... droooiid *sigh* I love it. Thank you again babe!!

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