Thursday, June 2, 2011


I really enjoy eyeshadow.

I ordered this from Amazon with some giftcards I got from Opinion Outpost (I've earned $285 from there in the last 2 years, not too shabby ;-) )

I've played with it this last week a LOT, I've come to the conclusion that I can not wear blue or green. I look amazing in orange and purple! Yellow, red and brown are also pretty good colors for my skin tone. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to get certain looks, especially how to emphasize green eyes. My profile picture over at Facebook is one the better looks I've come up with.

Of course getting fixated on makeup comes with a slight price, mostly that being that I am having a hard time not purchasing primers and bases and fixatives and cream eyeshadows and glitters and.. yeah the list could probably continue for quite awhile. This NOT a cheap addiction and our budget does not allow for expenditures like this. Also with Stryder turning 5, Fathers day and my moms birthday this month and my birthday on the first (and hopefully a nice trip before the INSANITY of fourth of July on the mountain hits) Money is tight tight tight!

What discount options do you use to feed your makeup addiction?


  1. I always wait for sales and always hunt the Internet for coupons ;-) I don't buy very often though. Our budget is pretty tight too. I usually ask for gift cards for my birthday and Christmas

  2. New follower of your blog. Please come follow mine :)