Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another new week

Usually Sunday rolls around and I'm feeling kinda, bleh. Jason has to go back to work, I'll be stuck home alone with a dozen kids. Just bah. Well I'm sort of excited today because I have class tomorrow and Tuesday. That's right I started school again. A entirely new major. Nursing!

Fun stuffs I'm loving my pre-req's I hope this joy lasts.

As for the kiddos. Kiwi's hand healed fabulously. It's perfect and smooth and looks beautiful. She also turned 1 on the 2nd. So she's 1 and 10 days old now hehe.

Stryder tested OUT of preschool so he's been home schooling with me. He has his shapes, colors, letters and numbers down. We're still working on reading. He can recognize words but the phonics still escape him. Which is logical. He's 4.

My  handsome hubby is working on getting his CCNA lab together. Eventually he's going to take the CCIE. However he's starting with the CCNA, he might test for A+ and MCSE as well. I hope he does. He's smart he needs those pieces of paper though as proof.

I'm working on getting back into couponing and thriftiness. I need to write out a 'staples' book. I had one on my old phone but it got deleted. I need to figure out how to keep prices low on things like soap and flour. I need to stop spending on things that are perks like cheez-its and reeses. LOL

I've been trying to go primal as well. Moving as Grok moved, eating as grok ate, this means no carbs, very few fruits, bare toed, and constantly moving with the occasional sprint.

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